Italy is rich of history and arts and its beautiful cities have a great choice of marvellous wedding locations: beautiful and old churches, elegant palaces, romantic villas and beautiful gardens. Celebrating a wedding in an italian city give you and your guests also the opportunity to visit gothic churches, renaissance palazzos, baroque fountains and squares, trasforming the destination wedding in a short holiday.
Rome is a city full of charm and historic importance, rich in work of arts and great atmosphere, none of the cities around the world can be compared to the italian capital city. Here you can have your civil wedding on the Capitoline Hill, overlooking the roman forum , in the beautiful red room of the antique palazzo . Or you can choose a deconsecrated Church in the complex of the roman ruins of Caracalla Bath. An intimate and romantic setting for a wedding in Rome.
Florence, dubbed by Dante “noble city “ is located in the heart of the Italian Peninsula, by the River Arno and surrounded by the tuscan hills. Cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is one of the most beautiful italian cities, for the second excellence the “Eternal City” after Rome. The civil ceremony is arranged in a magnificent palace that dates back to the 11th century and located in the historic centre of Firenze.
Wedding in beautiful gothic palace on the Canal Grande, near St Mark Square and Rialto Bridge. It a Renaissance building with three floors of slabs of stone above the base that support the two main floors with a major window column. A visit here means discovering a wonderful stucchi room stucco from the eighteenth century. The arrival of the spouses by Gondola and the terrace with a view on the Rialto bridge makes this venue the most romantic location for a wedding in Italy
Get married in the most romantic city of the world, the city of Romeo and Juliet. In Verona you can have your civil wedding in the Juliet’s house and exchange the kiss on the most famous balcony of the world or choose between different historic palaces, museum and frescoe halls on the city. By the way just close to Verona centre there are also some elegant villas where you can celebrate your civil wedding and wedding party.
Siena is a beutiful medieval town in Tuscany. The historic centre around the famous Piazza del Campo was recognized by Unesco as World Heritage Site. And here civil weddings take place on the palace on Campo square, on a beautiful frescoe hall. By the way there are other special wedding venues in Siena where the mayor can celebrate a civil wedding. It is also a romantic city for couples who like to elope in Italy.
Milan is worldwide recognized as productive and economic capital of the country and the largest center for services, finance, fashion, publishing and industry. This potential has an ancient history, full of enchanting sceneries, culture and art. Brera is the artistically exclusive area of the city: cafés in the open air, elegant furnishings shops, boutiques of hand tailored clothes, create a artists’ Paris-like atmosphere. Among the ‘700s palaces of this area,, stands the Pinacoteca. Civil wedding in Milan are celebrated on the historic palace near the Cathedral square and also just outside the centre in old farmhouses and casali.
If your dream is to have your religious wedding ceremony at the St Peter Basilica in Rome, this is possible. A catholic wedding can be celebrated on a small chapel inside the St Peter Basilica in Vatican and we can help you will all the documents necessary for a catholic wedding in Rome.
A charming atmosphere in a romantic context full of history and tradition, this is the special location of this castle, just few km outside Rome centre, where your dream to live a fantastic experience, in a scenery blast from the past, will became a reality. The Chapel, located just next to the Castle, is at the disposal of the Newly-married couple, to celebrate the service. The cloister is available for blessing ceremonies and religious ceremonies. The castle has 23 rooms.
Choose which synagogue to marry in five among the most beautiful synagogues in the world wich vary in size, style and atmosphere, is a unique opportunity. The synagogues of the Ghetto Nuovo in Venice are at the top of the existing buildings and they are hardly recognizable from the outside and inside are like small jewels. Reform jewish weddings can be arranged also outdoor