A Fairy Tale Wedding at Castello di Bracciano: N+M’s Unforgettable Italian Celebration

N+M’s charming wedding in Castello di Bracciano, just outside of Rome, is proof that love endures in a world full of uncertainty and difficulties. Due to the epidemic, this California couple had to postpone their wedding three times before they could finally realize their goal of getting married in Italy, in front of their closest family and friends. The outcome? A fairytale wedding that will live on in their memories. A Castle Fit for Royalty Castello di Bracciano, a majestic

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A Cinematic Love Story: J and H’s Fairytale Fall Wedding at Villa del Balbianello

In the enchanting setting of Villa del Balbianello, nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Como, the love story of J and H unfolds like a timeless fairytale. As the golden hues of autumn paint the landscape, the couple embarks on a journey that transcends the ordinary, culminating in a magical fall wedding that promises to be a symphony of love, elegance, and the breathtaking beauty of their surroundings. Join us as we step into the pages of their romance,

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Art and Romance Unite: A Magical Wedding in Varese

A+A, who are from New York City, decided to have their wedding in the gorgeous town of Varese, located in the heart of Northern Italy. This union was simply amazing. The location they chose an 18th-century estate turned art gallery and museum, is what truly sets this tale apart. Their wedding was made into a one-of-a-kind occasion that will always be recorded in the annals of remarkable love stories thanks to the union of art, culture, and romance at this

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A Dreamy Snow Wedding on the Italian Alps: A Love Story Unfolds on Skis

A+L’s snow wedding on the Italian Alps stands out as absolutely remarkable among the many lovely moments of love and commitment that we had the honor of planning as a wedding designers. Two New Yorkers who love the mountains and hiking came together for this one-of-a-kind and beautiful party because they wanted to make their wedding as unorthodox and distinctive as their love story. Choosing the Perfect Location I was aware that we needed a setting that could rival the

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A Multicultural Extravaganza: An Indian-American Wedding on Lake Maggiore

Nestled in the heart of the stunning Lake Maggiore region, an enchanting love story unfolded, as an Indian bride and an American groom embarked on their journey of togetherness. This three-day celebration was a magnificent fusion of cultures, traditions, and deep-rooted love, bringing together a diverse gathering of 120 guests hailing from both the United States and India. The breathtaking backdrop for this union was the splendid Hotel Splendid, perched in the charming town of Baveno, San Francisco. Day 1:

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