The majority of the Italian lakes are in the North of the country at the foot of the Alps and are mainly glacial in origin. Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, whilst Lake Como is the deepest. All enjoy a blissfully mild climate and stunning scenery. The Italian Lake District in the north of Italy has been a fashionable destination since Roman times. The lakes, from Lake Orta in the west to Lake Garda in the east, differ in size and character. Their shores, home to sleepy lakeside towns and busy water sport resorts alike, still retain a mystery and magic .Different venues to celebrate your event in Italy: lakeside villas, secluded castles and panoramic chapels.

Lake Maggiore, repository of the wealth and cultural patrimony left by the Borromeo family, is still testimony to their prestige and refinement which can be seen in their magnificent island palaces with their impressive Italian gardens. The numerous villas that stand on the western shore of the lake attest to fact the ever since the late 1800’s this part of Italy was preferred by the noble families for the building of their elegant residences surrounded by splendid gardens. Romantic cities like Stresa, Baveno, Verbania, Cannobbio; historic palaces, english-style gardens create the unique atmosphere for a special event , as a wedding.

Lake Orta 

Lake Orta (also Cusio) is a lake of Piedmont located between the provinces of Novara and Verbano Cusio Ossola. Framed by picturesque landscapes alpestri, fueled by a rich and beautiful vegetation, the lake is a famous tourist destination. It is is certalny the most romantic location in the Lake District.Thousands of years of history in which Lake Orta has played a leading part can be discerned in the splendid churches and the holy places of great enchantment, in the traces of Middle Ages to be seen in houses, streets and palaces, in the lordly villas and fine gardens and in the mountain villages with their old traditions still intact

The island of San Giulio on this magic lake is the perfect background for an intimate and special wedding. Breathtaking landscapes, ancient villages overlooking the clear waters of a lake romantic and evocative and again churches, museums and artistic heritage architectural really top level.

in the world. A balcony on gulfs, a castle among ridges plunged in the greenery ,sails dotting the water, your facing a scenery too good to be real. It’s not a dream it’s the perfect location for your wedding !! Well known for the splendid villas and their admirable gardens, Lake Como continues to attract celebrity guests, who have chosen this region to enjoy the “Italian Dolce Vita”. Villa del Balbianello, Villa d’Este, Villa Melzi, Villa Serbelloni, Villa Carlotta are only a few of the majestic residences located along its shoreline

Lake of Garda, the most Mediterranean of the Alpine Italian lakes, shows itself in its wonderful surrounding of natural luminosity and colours: a unique holiday spot, in all seasons. The favourable climate in every season of the year and the hospitality of the inhabitants characterize this place which is rich of history and nature. Lovely olive groves , lemon groves and panoramic views makes this location a romantic place for weddings.

Lake Iseo Among the Great Lakes of the Lombardy is certainly the most picturesque for the unspoiled nature and the small towns that jealously guard ancient villas and old houses The Bergamo lake side offers glimpses of rare beauty: cliffs, inlets, coves where you can swim and ancient villas lapped by the lake. Throughout the Brescia coast, on the other hand, gently creates flat areas rich in lush vegetation, as the Le Torbiere di Iseo, a wildlife park where numerous species of birds live undisturbed . On the lake heart there’s the island of Montisola and the two little islands: San Paolo and Loreto.