A+A, who are from New York City, decided to have their wedding in the gorgeous town of Varese, located in the heart of Northern Italy. This union was simply amazing. The location they chose an 18th-century estate turned art gallery and museum, is what truly sets this tale apart. Their wedding was made into a one-of-a-kind occasion that will always be recorded in the annals of remarkable love stories thanks to the union of art, culture, and romance at this magnificent site. This incredible wedding day was captured by the talented  Erin and Gabri 

Varese: Where Art Meets History

The wedding venue is a magnificent home with a lengthy past. This 18th-century architectural marvel has undergone a stunning metamorphosis over time. It now stands as a symbol of how history and modern art can coexist peacefully, creating a tapestry that crosses centuries and continents. Each sculpture and brushstroke in the villa’s collection of Modern American art offers a distinct story of artistic expression, making it a cultural jewel not only in Varese but throughout all of Europe.

The Welcome Dinner: A Wes Anderson Inspired Prelude

The night before the wedding’s major event, a welcome dinner marked the beginning of the celebrations. The Palace Hotel’s garden, which is the oldest hotel in Varese, was selected as the gathering place. The Grand Budapest Hotel’s fantastical world was introduced to guests beneath the beautiful glow of ancient Roman columns. This theme gave the evening a creative and nostalgic feel, laying the groundwork for an artistically elegant and charming weekend where each moment was transformed into a page from an enchanting novel.

The Wedding Day: A Blend of Art and Love

For the wedding ceremony, the splendor of Villa Panza served as an outstanding backdrop. The couple decided on a customary Jewish wedding ceremony that took place beneath the chuppah in the villa’s gorgeous garden. The ceremony, which was surrounded by works of art and natural beauty, exuded an ethereal beauty that represented the union of A+A in a location that seemed almost otherworldly—a sacred canvas on which their love story would be permanently written in the hues of ardor and devotion.

Cocktail Hour and Welcome

Guests were welcomed to a wonderful aperitif in front of Villa Panza following the wedding. The environment was carefully planned, with cozy sofa nooks, patio chairs, and a well equipped bar. This provided an opportunity for visitors to enjoy delightful refreshments while taking in the artistic surroundings, creating a moment where time appeared to stand still and conversations flowed like the artwork lining the walls of the villa, enhancing the ambiance with tales and laughing.

Elegant Dining Amidst Art

An Italian culinary fantasy was created in one of the villa’s magical rooms. An array of unique Italian canapés, a salami spread, and a decadent cheese buffet were placed on antique tables to create a gourmet trip that highlighted the vibrant flavors of Italy. This culinary extravagance served as a taster for the elaborate meal that awaited visitors, a symphony of flavors and textures that blended together like the strokes of a fine painting.


The long imperial table beneath placed the alluring Carpinata, a natural gallery made by a vast green climbing plant, was unquestionably the evening’s high point. An air of perfect magic was created by the neatly adorned tables, which featured glasses and cups filled to the brim with white and light pink flowers. It felt as though visitors were dining under a starry Italian sky, where each bite and sip was a note in a gastronomic sonnet, thanks to the warm, soft glow of many candles.

Romantic Celebration


On their wedding day, the newlyweds were welcomed into Villa Panza’s Salone Impero, also known as the imperial hall. The couple’s love story developed on a beautiful canvas in this lava room, a tribute to Italian opulence, and eventually became a vital part of its lengthy history. With its soaring columns, exquisite frescoes, and golden details, the hall gave off the impression that romance itself had been woven into its design.


The newlyweds took their first steps onto the polished marble floor as the opening strains of a classic love song filled the air, their hearts throbbing in unison. Every brushstroke and every carved shape in the room, which was filled with famous artists’ masterpieces, appeared to convey their love story—a tale of dedication and passion that had outlasted time itself.

A culinary marvel, the millefeuille wedding cake, was a sight to behold. Its exquisite layers of flaky pastry, alternating with velvety cream and topped with delectable berries, were evidence of the couple’s lovely voyage. The tension in the room was evident as they stood hand in hand, prepared to cut into this picture of their shared destiny.


The guests stared in astonishment as the knife sliced through the layers of the cake while they were bathed in the gentle glow of chandeliers that had witnessed countless love stories. They seemed to be carving out a piece of their own history with each delicate cut—a past that was replete with vows, aspirations, and a love that would endure the test of time.



The couple’s love story reached its pinnacle in that grand space where history and art met. The past and present came together in a beautiful symphony of love and unity during this event, which transcended time and space. They seemed to be savoring the sweetest moments of their relationship as they took their first bite of the mouthwatering millefeuille, recording them in the history of Villa Panza’s enduring legacy.





The wedding of A+A at Villa Panza was nothing less than a fantasy come to reality, a grand drama of entwined love and art. It expertly merged art, culture, and romance to create a wedding celebration that defied convention and conventional expectations and left a lasting impression on everyone who attended. This wedding was transformed into an unforgettable work of love and artistry thanks to Villa Panza’s rich history and world-class art collection. It is a testament to the power of picking a special and significant venue to bring the beauty and significance of a wedding celebration to its pinnacle.

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