In Italy it’s tradition to give a gift ( “bomboniera” in italian ) to each guest. The wedding favor has a double meaning: on one hand serves as a reminder, a symbol of the wedding day spent together, the other is a way of thanking all the guests for their presence and their gifts.If you are looking for Italian wedding favors, the gift must also include  five almonds, which are also known as “confetti”.Generally the number of sweets in the bag is 5, equal to the indispensable qualities of a good marriage: Health, Happiness, Fertility , Longevity and Wealth.

The sugar almonds can be placed in each guest’s place seating, wrapped in organza bag or in a favor box.
The second way to present the almonds to the guests, is to arrange a “confettata” : a sugar almonds tasting with different flavors from the white chocolate almonds to the pepper almonds. The presentation is very important :  a decorated table with glass bowls of different heights or satin bags. Each bowl with a different flavor.

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