When Janine called me the first time to ask information about a wedding in Italy, she was desperate. She originally planned to get married aboard a cruise ship midway through a Mediterranean cruise whilst docked in Pisa. Two weeks prior to sailing, they were devastated to find out that they were unable to have the planned wedding. They had 100 guests and a wedding to arrange in such a short time.
Also for me it was a surprise, but I have not surrendered and I begin to work to find immediately a solution for them. It was an hard work, as we need to arrange a civil style wedding and a reception in a nice venue, very closed to Livorno, where the ship was going to stop, with a reasonable budget.
The ship will be docked at the port for only 7 hours, so my priority was to find a nice place, but easy to reach, as the spouses and their guests needs to be in time back. After different emails and called with Janine, the bride and Neil, the groom, we found the Villa on Puccini Lake the perfect place. After a rainy night , the wedding morning there was a warm and sunny weather. All the staff was ready in the early morning to receive guests and for any inconvenience.

The two coaches arrived very punctual with all the guests curious to attend the wedding. First the groom and the guests were impressed by the charm and elegance of the villa’s gardens and the bride burst into tears just came, because the place was even beyond his expectations.
The ceremony was set just on the water edge of the lake, the couple as per jewish tradition had their chuppah canopy. After the emotional ceremony, the guests relaxed with a drink under the trees, accompanied by soundtrack of jewish songs.
The aperitif was followed by a wedding lunch with typical Italian food under the marquee. The party ended with a big wedding cutting traditional jewish dances. In the late afternoon the guests were happy about the day, but sad to come back to the ship and to leave Italy!

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