Olga and Kirill chose Lake Como as setting of their wedding day. They wanted to spend a special day with their family coming from Russia and a romantic place, so the beautiful villa 18th century villa direct on the lake was the perfect venue for their wedding.

On the morning, after getting ready in the beautiful Grand Hotel, the bride enjoyed  a nice boat ride on a taxi boat to reach the villa. The wedding ceremony took place under the elegant loggia with three arches which stands on the highest point of the promontory, where you can see both sides of the lake.

After the ceremony a glass of italian prosecco with canapés for the guests under the camphor, accompanied by harp musical background ; meanwhile the newlyweds wandered around the villa terraces for few shots.
The day was perfect for a boat tour on the lake, with stop in Varenna for a photo tour and relax in a nice bar for a ice-cream and a capuccino.

Guests reached the restaurant on the other side of the lake, with the big boat and the newlyweds arrived later with the romantic taxi boat. A wedding toast and and italian buffet aperitif was arranged on the restaurant garden facing the lake, that followed a good dinner under the marquee, with the mandolin music as background.

After dinner the bride and groom reached the dance floor for the first dance and than the guests enjoyed the night dancing and having fun.
At the end a delicious white square  wedding cake  and all on the beach to launch the sky lantern…and end this magic day with a magical scenery that Lake Como offers.

Morlotti Studio Pictures

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