As many celebrity couples, also Justine Timberlake and Jessica Biel chose Italy to tie the knot.
Instead of the famous Venice, Florence, Lake Como or Rome venues, they went for a private wedding party on the exclusive resort in the Southern Italian resort of Puglia ( Apulia).
Congratulation to this happy couple and thank you for choosing our Italy and  a such beautiful region ! Apulia is a great region, not so popular like the Campania (Amalfi Coast) and Tuscany, but rich of beautiful landscapes and historical monuments.

Apulia is a great location for an italian wedding:
– it’s an ideal venue for a sunny and outdoor wedding, as the weather is fine for about 7-8 months per year; 
– for your wedding venue you have a great choice between historic farmhouses ( called Masseria) and baroque villas and palazzos;
– the typical food is natural and genuine ( thinking that Apulia is a major  producer of olive oil and what about the Mozzarella cheese?) and the local wine is well know around the world;
– the airports of Bari and Brindisi are connected to all major european cities, by schedule and low-cost flights
– beautiful beaches resorts and relaxed country villages to accomodate guests and to enjoy the holiday
– beautiful landscapes and romantic places for your wedding pictures

There are other good reasons to choose Apulia as wedding location, personally I love this region and I really suggest it to the couples, who love warm temperature and sunny days, good food and country chic venues.

 pictures from Borgo Egnazia, Masseria Alchimia and others


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