Having a week wedding party in Italy? Suggest  your guests different activities: tours, wine tastings and  italian cooking classes. Discover the secrets of the italian cuisine, learn to prepare good italian dishes, like Pasta and Pizza and typical regional dishes such Tortellini or the Ribollita.

If you’re going to have a wedding in Tuscany , I would like to suggest : Farmers at the Castle, a cooking class in an tuscan castle:
Beans and Farro cereal soup ,Ribollita,Home made Tagliatelle / Taglierini / Stracci / Pappardelle pasta
During the cooking class, “Fettunta” bread with our olive oil will be served with our wines.
After the lesson, dinner/lunch will be served in the Castle Halls with these dishes, selection of tuscan ham and cheese, castle wines.
Contact us for informations and booking.

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