Destination wedding: Italy. Location: Stresa, Lake Maggiore. Venue: private villa. Ceremony: outdoor wedding in the italian gardens. Cocktail: italian aperitif. Reception: under the marquee in the villa garden.Theme colour: copper orange.

Sheralin and Ellis wanted to get married abroad, somewhere hot. Italy is the most romantic country, with good weather and excellent food and the lakes have the most beautiful scenery. They chose a lovely 19th century villa to have the ceremony and reception at.  The ceremony  was set in the gardens of the villa in front of a fountain, with rose petals scattered down the isle and a beautiful floral arch with white roses and greenery.

Sher: ” I had seen a picture of the arch in a magazine and sent it  to Varese Wedding , saying “this is the one that I want!” and it was exactly the same! We exchanged vows under the arch with 2 violinists and a harpist playing in the background”.
After the ceremony , the guests enjoyed a typical italian cocktail with  canapés and champagne, with the string quartert playing in the background. Round tables with white tablecloths ,roses centerpieces and candles were arranged under the marquee, where the dinner was served. At the end of the dinner the cater arranged  a chocolate fondue with marshmallows, fruit, biscuits and little donuts. The wedding cake was filled with chocolate and covered with cream and decorated with orange roses. A DJ came after the meal and there was dancing for the rest of the evening. The wedding is featured in PERFECT WEDDING MAGAZINE UK .

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